Family Court Mediation Charleston

Many couples and parties involved in family court litigation are victims of misunderstandings resulting from the adversarial process. Differences in their perceived or understood positions and in the seeming need to oppose each other using lawyers and judges in prescribed forms can create an acrimonious process leading to fear, as well as unsatisfying, inefficient, and often unfair results. Mediation can offer an attractive and less expensive alternative, which enhances cooperation and mutual satisfaction for all.

Litigation in the court system can be costly, both emotionally and financially, in not realizing all the options available being locked in opposed roles, as opposed to resolving the needs of all by taking collective control of the outcome and specifically tailoring it to your family’s needs. Contact a certified Family Court Mediator at the Seibert Law Firm to help you settle your family law matters, from prenuptial agreements to post-divorce modifications.

Mediation uses a neutral third party, usually a lawyer with family court experience, to help facilitate communication and negotiation using both combined or confidential sessions, as is appropriate. Prior to Mediation, the parties involved will forward the Mediator all relevant documents for review. At Mediation, the Mediator will carefully listen to each party and assist in facilitating a settlement in a comfortable informal, non-confrontational setting. A Mediator does not represent either party. Nor is a Mediator a Judge to issue a Judgment or Opinion. Instead, Mediation is a non-binding set of sessions that permit everyone the freedom to come to a global or partial settlement through active participation in resolving their conflicts. The confidential nature of Mediation assists in creating a forum providing everyone the opportunity to put forth their best efforts in resolving and settling their disputes. An agreement reached in Mediation is then made enforceable between the parties by presenting it before a Family Court Judge to be approved and made an Order of the Court.

Mediation and arbitration can be beneficial options in reducing the protracted costs and stress that often accompany litigation. However a court matter is begun, it is usually resolved through Mediation. The benefits of Mediation are so valued by the South Carolina Courts that Mediation is now made mandatory by the Courts before trial in contested actions. There are many advantages to Mediation, including cost effectiveness, more effective and efficient discussions, and creative common sense solutions created by those involved instead of others with minimal information concerning you and your children’s lives, just to name a few.

Start taking a hand in maintaining control over your future now with the Seibert Law Firm mediation services. The Seibert law Firm is available to guide you to help you resolve your family legal matters throughout the Lowcountry and South Carolina.

The Seibert Law Firm offers assistance in resolving disputes in Mediation in the following areas:

  • Marital separation and dissolution
  • Spousal Support and Child Support
  • Child custody or visitation
  • Division of property

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