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At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, we make an investment of time in your child custody case because we know that together, you and our team will find success at the end of the road. We want you to get to know our firm in the Summerville area just as much as we want to get to know you.

For child custody issues dealing with international law or social media, Seibert Law Firm, LLC is up to date and can aggressively assert your rights. Often, Summerville area clients let their emotions determine their legal decisions. The decisions you make during the child custody process are critical to your rights and likely outcomes of your case. Our child custody representation encompasses ample consoling to calm and help you make a rational decision concerning your child custody case.

Seibert Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to protecting the freedoms of your family in the Summerville area. We do this by providing clients with representation for their child custody cases, and we have had this stance when we opened our doors many years ago, and it continues to this day.

At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, we understand that you naturally have lots of anxiety about your child custody case. After many years in the business, we know the value of responding to phone calls expediently and have the means to always return our Summerville area client's calls in a couple of days. Our child custody attorneys are always looking for a reasonable settlement that protects the client's rights while disposing the matter quickly.

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