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Family Law is not just what we practice here at Seibert Law Firm, LLC; it is who we are. Because of this, the Charleston community has an advocate in matters of family law cases unlike any other. The stakes are so high in family law cases, they are seldom simple and straightforward.

At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, we believe in helping every day individuals just like you. A family law case can be a major problem, pulling your life in the Charleston area to a halt. Our legal professionals know how to litigate efficiently, leading to a successful family law case and settlement for our clients.

Family law courts that serve Charleston grapple with the legal and financial issues of a family dispute. However, you do not want to step into one of these courts without the help and guidance of our family law lawyers. Seibert Law Firm, LLC can be your aid through these difficult times.

The first element in an effective family law strategy is quick, resolute action. For that reason Seibert Law Firm, LLC is waiting for you to contact them to take that first step toward a satisfactory resolution in your family law case. We know that some clients in the Charleston area prefer to speak privately; so you can call us at (843) 554-0686. Be assured that your conversation is very important to us; and that your case and information will remain confidential with our legal counsel and services. 

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